Provincial Electricity Authority


A new fleet of 26 mobile Cummins generator sets has been put into service by Thailand’s Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA). Niwat Kaipetch, leader of PEA’s mobile generator fleet (Regional 1_Central) points out that quality and reliability are critical, especially when PEA needs to provide power for emergency response or an important event such as a ceremony involving the monarchy.

In an event like this, the mobile generators sets are used as prime power units, to ensure reliability of supply.

The new mobile fleet also features low-emission Tier 2- capable Cummins engines that are long established in some of the toughest applications around the world – the QSK19 powering 14 sets rated at 625 kVA and the QST30 powering 12 sets rated at 1000 kVA.

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