TOP Maritime Service Co., Ltd.

Based in Bangkok, TMS is a joint venture of Thaioil Marine and Thai shipbuilder Marsun.

Thaoil Marine, which operates a fleet of tankers transporting petroleum and petrochemical products, is a division of Thaioil Group, one of Thailand’s largest refining and petrochemical companies. Marsun is Thailand’s largest builder of aluminium vessels. TMS is a relatively new entity, starting operations in 2011 in the Gulf of Thailand. Today it charters 14 Cummins-powered crew boats to the oil and gas industryใ

The standard TMS crew boat specification is a 36-metre vessel with seating for 90 crew, a deck capacity of 50 tonnes and a top speed of 24 knots.

Three Cummins KTA38 engines, each rated at 1350 hp, punch out 4050 hp for propulsion while two Cummins 6BTA generator sets supply the electricity. The KTA38, a 38-litre V12, has a long established reputation for reliability and durability, a key reason for its selection by TMS.


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