Better. Every Operation.

Cummins is the world’s largest independent diesel engine manufacturer and is a major supplier to defense agencies around the world. Large numbers of Cummins-powered units are currently in active service, in a wide variety of equipment ranging from logistic trucks to heavy artillery.

Over $400 million is invested annually in research and engineering to maintain our technology leadership across a power band, extending all the way to 3,500 hp (2611 kW). With engine manufacturing in 8 countries and over 6,500 support locations worldwide, Cummins has evolved into a truly international company. That is why Cummins is specified in so many military applications around the world. The B/ISBe series engines alone are in service in over 30,000 pieces of military equipment worldwide.

Cummins range of electronic engines (128-800 hp) has evolved using well-proven technology, and meets military requirements for durability without the need for re-engineering.

In-service reliability is further assured, thanks to smart self-protection systems preventing engine wear from cold starting, overheating or excessive idling. Extended service intervals and reduced maintenance also ensure higher than ever levels of vehicle availability.

Cummins engines are also capable of operation on a wide range of military fuels, including NATO F-34 & F-54, JET A-1, JP-8 and AVTUR. If high sulphur fuels are to be used, engines can be offered either with or without the aftertreatment system, depending on customer preference.

Cummins engines supply power for every type of military application worldwide: wheeled and tracked combat vehicles, logistic vehicles, naval propulsion and auxiliaries, plus multi-megawatt generator sets. Cummins delivers every engine you need, wherever you need it.

Our worldwide presence and comprehensive support make Cummins a proven, committed partner you can depend on every day from installation to overhaul. A network of more than 6.500 distributor and dealer locations in over 190 countries are trained and dedicated to providing immediate parts and service availability and the best warranty in the business.

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