Commercial Industrial

Reliable Power When You Need It

Commercial generator sets available in a range of sizes to meet any application. Able to start and assume load in less than 10
seconds, and rated load in a single step, Cummins generator sets are the epitome of rugged dependability and reliable
mechanical and electrical performance.

Cummins generators are well suited to utility peaking plants, Distributed Generation (DG) facilities, peak shaving (or peak
lopping), and power management at large commercial or industrial sites. Cummins Power Generation has fully redesigned its
high-range generator sets to deliver the reliability, efficiency and versatility that your customers want.

  • Standby Power – Emergency standby power is mandatory for any application where mission-critical operations require an
    uninterrupted supply of power. Regardless of whether this power is used for making secure financial transactions,
    meeting the uptime requirements of large data centers or supporting life-saving procedures in healthcare facilities,
    uninterrupted power translates to success in many industries.
  • Prime Power– Need continuous power for extended periods of time? Look no further than Cummins Power Generation.
    Even if your next project is in a developing area with no utility service, has service that’s too expensive or has a history of
    unreliability, Cummins delivers economical prime power for industrial and municipal installations.
  • Distributed Generation / Peaking– Based on the strategy of locating decentralized power plants in close proximity to
    power users, distributed generation systems are becoming an increasingly popular power option. Whether supplying
    peaking power to a single large customer or adding power to a regional transmission system to shore up local power
    delivery weaknesses, Cummins Power Generation provides distributed generation systems that help utilities defer
    expensive transmission upgrades and save larger customers money by reducing their peak-time power costs.
  • Cogeneration– Need to reduce greenhouse gases with a power system that produces electric power and thermal energy
    for heat, steam or air conditioning? Cummins Power has your cogeneration solution. With systems powered by natural
    gas or diesel, we capture “waste heat” and make sure it doesn’t go to waste – generally cutting your fuel (and CO2 production) in half while also saving you up to 35 percent on overall energy costs.

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