Every Minute Counts.

Whether you are powering a hospital, moving freight across country, mining in a remote area, pumping oil in the middle of the ocean, or making deliveries across town – Cummins knows that Every Minute Counts. Because of this, Cummins provides the service support you need, when you need it. Whether in the shop or in the field, every Cummins Distributor has the technical expertise, factory support, and experience to deliver fast high quality repairs through our global QuickServe process.
While others claim to offer similar types of service in select locations, all 600 Cummins branches across the globe follow the QuickServe process to deliver consistent support that minimizes your downtime and keeps your business moving.

What is QuickServe?

QuickServe is a universal approach that provides you with:

  1. Personalized Service
  2. Fast Response & Diagnosis
  3. Precise Answers to your Service Needs
  4. High Quality Repairs
  5. On-Going Communication

In addition to Cummins DKSH Sales and Service, the QuickServe process is making every minute count at every Cummins Distributor location in over 190 countries. To experience the QuickServe advantage first-hand use the buttons below to request assistance from Cummins DKSH Sales and Service.